Reflection: Hiking to the Colorado River

Today we returned to the famous Rocky Mountain National Park. We embarked on our adventure at around 1:10 (we spent the morning learning about systems in general and about water usage in Denver) and explored the vast forests of Colorado. We learned about mining towns such as Lulu City, that had previously been booming in the mid 1800’s. We eventually came to a part of the Colorado River where we all enjoyed the sound of the roaring river. This was our stopping point to write/draw in our journals. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip so far because it caused me to look up from my phone and pay attention to the smell the lodgepole pines and spruce, not something you can find in Atlanta. I cannot wait to go off on our next adventure, fly-fishing on the shores of Grand Lake.

Colorado Skies

Exploring Colorado.

Exploring Colorado.

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