See you soon!

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday. When I’m a few days away from a trip that I’m really excited about I engage in what some may call “nervous packing.” On the one hand it’s a practical pre-trip ritual. On the other hand it’s my id’s way of saying “What’s the hold-up? Let’s get this show on the road.”

And with that I would like to share these teaser pics and a few packing tips.

Round 1: “Ok, I have everything I need.”

Go “by the book” and pack only what’s on the list. Set off to the side “nice to have items.” Don’t include them in the first round of packing. 

Round 2: “Ok, I think I know where everything is.”

Figure how how you’re going to get to things once they’re in your bag. If you just throw everything in, it’ll take you forever to find a pair of socks or your toothbrush. Packing cubes help, but use packing cubes strategically. Aim for the “one zipper” rule: Pack in such a way that you’re reasonably confident you can find something by opening only ONE zipper. 

Something else to think about is the reason WHY you’re reaching into your bag. When you get dressed in the morning, you don’t want to open one cube to get shorts, another for a shirt, and another for underwear. So, pack whole outfits in one cube…one zipper rule. Other tips: frequently accessed items (toothbrush, book, charger, etc.) should either be in your backpack or packed in a cube toward the top of your duffel.

Round 3: “Ok, it all fits, with lots of room to spare.”   

Truthfully, it’s wise to stop here. High-five yourself and relax until Sunday. Or you could look over at that “nice to have items” pile and ask yourself if you really want to lug those objects around the desert. Your choice.

I hope that you’ve found everything you need in preparation for our departure on Sunday. If you have some packing tips you’d like to share, post a comment to this post. Scan your bookshelves at home, pick out a book or two, cue up your playlists, and have fun with your last-minute trip preparation. Please reach out to your trip leaders if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you all at 6am on Sunday, June 4th!

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