Student Post: An Ode to Evan, an unforgettable guide

This post was submitted by Will R.

In my opinion, the greatest part of the trip was [CFI Naturalist Guide] Evan’s riddles, stories, and jokes. Evan’s head just seemed to be filled with endless jokes and riddles. Evan had so many stories that at the fourth campsite, when it was incredibly windy, we sat down behind a rock and just listened to him go on and on.


CFI guides Evan and Heather entertain the boys during the heat of the day


The stories just seemed to keep on coming. We sat under that rock for over two and a half hours!! That afternoon was very important to the whole river trip. It was really windy, Ted the Loon [Señor Sadtler’s river name] and Dev had just flipped, and we we were all just tired. That experience created a much better environment for the whole river trip and greatly increased everyone’s moods. Evan’s jokes usually ended in us groaning from the punniness, but the stories…the stories were the real deal.

Evan’s stories could enchant us. They would go on for up to ten minutes keeping us latched to every detail. Just when we would think we were getting the story, another twist would be added leaving us laughing until we were about to pee ourselves. I would tell y’all the stories now, but i think your sons want to tell you them in person. The stories definitely helped us through the windy times. Evan’s jokes were another story; he would have a slight build-up and then drop the pun on top just to seal the deal. Some of them were very funny puns, which inspired my brilliant MC’ing of the talent show, but the others were… something. They usually ended with us cringing until we explode or the solid groan and disappointed stare.

Without Evan, this river trip wouldn’t have been nearly as fun or as funny. His jokes, stories, and riddles filled any silences left in the air. I don’t know if any of us would’ve survived without them. From what I’ve heard from Clark and Senor Loon this trip was a lot more humorous than their last trip down the river, and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

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1 Response to Student Post: An Ode to Evan, an unforgettable guide

  1. Michele Reiner says:

    Thanks for sharing this! It’s so true how the guide can really make or break the tone of an adventure and it sounds like you all lucked out with Evan. I’m looking forward to hearing some of the stories and riddles from Austin when you all get back. . .

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