Student Post: The Last Day on the River

This post was submitted by Hatcher B.

The river trip was no doubt the best part of the whole trip. One night in particular stood out to me the most, and that was the fifth and final night of the trip. It was the final night on the river, so we had to go out with a bang and we held a mandatory talent show all while being around a campfire. Everyone was forced to show off their talents whether they wanted to or not.

Mr. Sadtler sang a song while doing cool pen tricks. Mr. Meyer and Dev recited a soliloquy from Romeo and Juliet while doing tricks with canoe paddles. Matt sang a song and did some yodeling. Evan tricked Walker, Batelaan, and I as he told us to act out different things on a box which used to be used as a groover, which is what we used to go to the restroom. Heather stood on her hands. Batelaan, Austin, and Rothschild did a dance, “caked the muffin,” and did some clap push-ups. Andrew put some sticks in the fire. And Walker and I did a puppet show from inside our tent.

campfireMeanwhile on the same day, it was Batelaan’s birthday and Evan cooked some good sausages with some sweet potatoes and then he gave all of us a brownie cake and we all sang Happy Birthday. After the talent show, we had s’mores because it was our last night and the only night that we had a campfire. After the fire went out and we were all tired, we got to lay down and stargaze for a good amount of time. We saw a bunch of different constellations, satellites, and even some shooting stars. I really enjoyed stargazing because it isn’t something that you can do in Atlanta, and I happen to find stars very interesting along with everyone else on the trip.

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  1. Michele Reiner says:

    That sounds like a really fun night. I wish we could see stars like that in Atlanta! You all looked like a talented bunch at the airport – I’m glad you got to show off your skills 😀

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