Student Post: Arches, Canyons, the Night Sky, and Pizza Pie

This post was submitted by Walker W.

As the group started the last leg of our journey, we found ourselves focused mainly on showers and food. After 6 days of no showering, the amount of dirt and sand we managed to scrape off of our arms and legs was enormous. Finally, the group got a good night’s rest in real beds which felt heavenly. The next day was full of action and adventure as the group experienced the wonders of the arches of Utah. After several hours of climbing up and around these massive arched rocks, the group was dreaming about lunch. If you’re reading this back in Atlanta, an unlimited pizza buffet after 3 hours of hiking and climbing in the scorching heat is unlike anything ever experienced.

A few pizzas later, the boys got to have an hour in the town of Moab, Utah. While shopping for family gifts and souvenirs was fun, one of the best highlights of our day in town was The Garage, a homemade ice cream shop using -321 degrees liquid nitrogen to make their perfect desserts.

Several hours later, after some well needed rest, the group packed up some dinner and headed down to Grandview Point in Canyonlands National Park. While the group watched the sun set, we settled down and ate dinner, looking out into the massive abyss of the Green River canyons. Dark finally came. Little white dots started to appear as the group sat almost silently for 2 hours watching the magic night sky. After some pretty big shooting stars the group had to pack up and head back to the hotel to rest for the journey ahead.


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1 Response to Student Post: Arches, Canyons, the Night Sky, and Pizza Pie

  1. Michele Reiner says:

    The stargazing experience sounds like a lifetime memory for all of you!


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