For me, the biggest thing I learned about camping, and in general, is that bad things can happen, but you just need to keep on going. From the first day to the last, we were always doing awesome activities and having fun, but that’s not to say that that we came out unscathed. For example, the canoe trip was filled with great hikes and awesome views, but on “camp day 4,” some people had to “groove” in mosquito-filled territory.  I waited until day 5, but the pests were still active and nasty. We survived, itchier and redder, and continued to row on. A day later, we were happily eating our candy, not crying from the experience. That shows just how important having a positive attitude is. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

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  1. tsadtler says:

    Well said, William. The canoe trip was an absolute beauty, but day 3 handed us a huuuuge lemon (rather, several thousand lemons). I’m glad you used that analogy in your post–it prompts the question “what helped us turn lemons into lemonade?” Sprays didn’t help, clothing offered little aid. Our tents were adequate shelter, but we had to get out of them to eat, to pack and unpack, and yes, to groove. I think the attitude and fortitude of each and every one of us provided that special elixir that helped turn our lemons into lemonade. Like when Margaret and Megha devised a way to jump into and out of their tent to minimize mosquito infiltration. Or when the road closure led to our detour and you guys started putting together Spotify playlists of your favorite TV theme songs. Those moments could have been nothing but unpleasant. But you guys kept going, helped each other when you struggled, and make the best of even the most challenging experiences. I hope that we can all apply that to our next challenging experience. Bravo, William.


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