I have learned quite a bit on this trip, and also had a great time. In addition to all the nature related things I learned, such as the impact of dams upon wildlife, I also learned a lot about water law. I thought it was very interesting how prior appropriation worked and how it was very difficult to change the laws. I also thought it was interesting how different the water laws in the West are from the East because the scarcity of water is different in both places. One thing I learned about myself was that even when it seems like everything is bad and everyone is feeling down (hint – the mosquitoes), I can still make the best of the situation and feel happy and try to lighten the mood a little. Finally, this trip, especially the camping portion, really made me curious about geology. I bought some books on the trip and while in North Carolina with my cousins this summer, we spent a good bit of time finding cool rocks and identifying them, which was very interesting and fun. I loved this trip, and would do it again in an instant.

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