Student Post: An Unexpected Swim

This post was submitted by Dev J.

The river trip was probably one of the best parts of Classroom Earth 2017 so far. However, I had a rough time on day four. Mr. Sadtler and I were canoeing on a day that had choppy waters and everlasting wind. Somehow we ended up perpendicular to the current and a nasty roar of wind crashed into the side of our canoe. For a split second, I felt the canoe sway and the next thing I felt was the freezing cold water up to my neck. Although I was shocked about what happened at that moment, I knew that I had to stay calm and follow safety instructions rather than panicking. Eventually, we swam to the other canoes, and my fellow peers and guides managed to flip our canoe with nothing lost in the bottom of the Green River.

Even though I experienced a hardship on day four, it made me realize how my experiences on the river trip shaped my character. I had begun to connect all of the dots between the team building and bonding activities we had done together. I recognized how significant it is to have a cooperative team because it really helps when you need it. Although there were many games, activities, riddles, and jokes, I feel that my favorite part of the trip was the flipped canoe because it helped develop my character.


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2 Responses to Student Post: An Unexpected Swim

  1. Michele Reiner says:

    This sounds like one of those moments you and the whole group will never forget. Like you observed, it’s often these kind of experiences that show you what you’ve got inside (and out) in a way that classroom learning never can. Congrats on your perseverance!

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